Viva La Biochem


Who’s Who?

Fun, easy going and down to earth (but that’s always) a matter of opinion. I’ve always loved the sciences, especially biology,                 but funnily enough I actually plan on pursuing a career in Law (Medical or Environmental still can’t decide) as I also love history, philosophy and literature. My Kryptonite is my love of video games and anything and everything science fiction related (COMIC CON is the dream!!!).I believe that a person can never learn too much and this course is one I think I will greatly enjoy (fingers crossed!!!).  

Laid back, friendly and open person.I plan to pursue a career in Pharmacology as well as becoming an entrepreneur, getting involved in real estate and philanthropy and fulfilling my dream of travelling the world. I am also fond of adventure, nature trips and  extreme sports… and that’s just the beginning.

Le Frenchie:
(Le-Fraun-Che) I like anything interesting, controversial, exciting and probably dangerous (kidding) (not really). Loves:  skydiving, Bungee jumping, hiking. Football (ChelseaFC), social media. I love reading (anything) about history,psychology and anything based off of real events. My dream Job is to become a virologist, and geneticist (why stop at just one?).


Is going to change the world some day. Loves: artistic expression (singing, drawing, and poetry), volunteering and accumulating copious chunks of information from books of every genre. I hope to become either a Medical Doctor or a research Scientist in the field of Immunology.Chemistry aspect scares me more than that zombie looking girl from movie, “The Grudge”; I’m still determined to succeed!

Quirky resident bookworm, music, art, history and tech enthusiast.  Basically I’m an all-round dork with the vision impairment and awkwardness to prove it. While my hand-eye coordination is nothing to speak of, I more than make up for it with sassy wit and charm… (sometimes) I hope.Fantasy novels have always my absolute weakness
(Game of Thrones had me hooked from the first page y’all).


       Life goal: To be a game-changer… the world is my oyster.


Starting out, we weren’t sure what to expect from the dreaded Biochemistry. The horror stories are usually enough to make you run screaming in the other direction. Now that it’s just over the horizon we’ve caught an umm… “exciting” glimpse.
It’s a twisted path but what kind of adventurers would we be if we didn’t keep going anyway.


…gonna roll with the punches.


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