Supercarb Saves Science!!


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For this number, I’m gonna mention two things seemingly unrelated to each other.

Carbohydates and Nobel Prizes.

What’s the link between the two? Well if you had to ask that, you probably didn’t know that if it weren’t for carbohydrates we wouldn’t have any Nobel prizes.
Alfred Nobel perfected Guncotton (A carbohydrate based explosive) by mixing it with ether and alcohol to make nitrocellulose, which he then mixed with nitroglycerin to make dynamite. Mr. Nobel’s original intention, was for dynamite to be used to help miners in the then booming coal and gold industry with blasting through hard rock to get to the material.

However, he saw the destruction his invention had caused in the Crimean and Franco- Prussian war, rumour has that he had a change of heart and bequeathed most of his remaining fortune to the establishment of the Nobel Prize to reward scientists that do research for the good of mankind.

Good on you carb! Thanks for saving science.





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