The Curious Case of Criminal Carbs…


Carbohydrates; Defense of an Oft’ Misunderstood Biomolecule.

Good Carbs? Usually you wouldn’t put those two words together but we think it’s time for a large dose of reality. If we’re innocent until proven guilty, why are our faithful friends so often in the dog house?
…We think it’s time for a good old-fashioned jailbreak.

Carbs are the fuel of life itself. Without these macromolecules we might have still been molecules floating around in a primordial soup in some God forsaken swamp, instead of being the (usually) supreme beings on Earth today.

Basically, Carbohydrates are macromolecules which consist of…
… (You guessed it) carbon, hydrogen and oxygen and are represented by the empirical formula of Cm(H2O)n. They have a wide range biological applications in the body, form being our main source of energy, to helping us keep our beautiful beach (and Carnival) bodies.

So if carbs are so awesome why do they have such a bad rep.? Unfortunately somewhere in the late 70’s, when dieting suddenly became popular, our unfortunate carbs were singled out as the scapegoat of all things unhealthy (Lies, all lies).

What makes carbs so loveable you might ask? Well, the fact that perhaps most of our bodies’ energy is drawn from carbohydrates (about 50-70%) and if it wasn’t for carbohydrates being our main source of energy our bodies would have been forever breaking down our muscle tissues in that dreaded process called muscle atrophy (thank the Gods for carbohydrates eh?).


Factoid: Ribose, and deoxyribose, important constituents of RNA and DNA (genetic information) are actually carbohydrates.Hear that? THAT’s the sound of the anti-carb movement being stopped in its tracks.

Sadly, there have been claims that our innocent carbs are killers.*Gasp*.


We stand by our hero. Are carbs responsible for your bad choices? Do they deserve the commendation for your carb addiction? No! That’s like blaming guns for killing people.

We’ve even included a couple visuals to drive home the point.  😉  😀


It’s not that carbs are villains that make you fat, it’s really your misconceptions that are messing up your life.

Hopefully, we’ve fixed that.

no dirt



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