How To Train (I Mean Feed) Your Vegan…


Ok so the myth is that vegans don’t have souls or was that about red-heads?

download(Sorry Guys)

Anyway….to some of you who don’t know, vegans (and gingers) are human beings just like you and me, who unlike the rest of us meat lovers, prefer to exclude meat or any form of dairy products from their diet (brave, so brave).

So the question is:
Do vegans even get enough protein from their diet?


Well, contrary to popular belief, one can obtain proteins from food sources other than meat (Gasp! I know, shocking right?)
And no I’m not referring to ‘supplements’, I’m talking about vegan-friendly foods such as: tofu, seitan, soy, lentils, chickpeas, nuts, seeds etc.

It’s easy for a vegan diet to meet the recommended amount of protein intake (0.8 grams per kilogram that we weigh) once their calorie intake is adequate.It has been calculated that the protein recommendation for Vegans amount to 10% of the calories originating from proteins. [0.9 g of protein/kg body weight (0.41 g/ lbs)]

For instance, a vegan male weighing 150 pounds with a 2000 calorie requirement:

easelly_visual (1)


Using this example, it’s clear to see that a vegan diet more than satisfies the daily protein requirement for a vegan male weighing 150 pounds. There isn’t much of a difference in their percentage calorie intake, so it’s fair to say that vegans can live healthy lives while consuming solely plant-based protein.


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Photo credit:

Contributors: Thalia, Roi (editor)


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