Tequila and Lab Rats Saving Diabetics?


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Sooo I found this (ahem) “interesting” article on how tequila plants may provide non-threatening sweeteners for diabetics.

Who would have thought that the plant (the agave plant) responsible for making world renowned confidence booster… I mean, alcoholic beverage, tequila, would provide scientists with a compound that not only acts as a safe sweetener for diabetics but it also helps them to reduce their blood glucose level and lose weight?

And people say that tequila is a bad thing…smh
*giggles* …oh bartender!


Cloud 3

So basically, the blue agave plant yields agavins, compounds which exist as a type of fructose sugar, fructan, in their natural forms (not too sweet are we :/ ). They act as dietary fiber and hence are not digested by the human gut, i.e.  the sugar is not absorbed into the blood stream and is not metabolized by humans.

(So you mean ..I can have all the sugary goodness I want without worrying about this going straight to my thighs? Well sign me up! :D).

Leading researchers like Mercedes G. Lόpez have also found that agavins increase the amount of GLP-1 (glucagon like peptide-1) present, which is a hormone responsible for stimulating insulin production while inhibiting glucagon (sugar) release.
Lόpez also points out that agavins help to support the growth of health promoting microbes in the mouth and intestines, also, they help people to feel fuller when ingested which could aid chronically obese persons in not eating more than required.

They’re also inexpensive and have no known side effects on humans with the exception of those who are specifically intolerant to agavin fructan sugars.
Does mean if you drink more tequila all day errday, then you should be in perfect health? WRONG!

I never said tequila contains the active form of wonder compound agavins. According to Lόpez, most of the ethanol in tequila derives from the fermentation of glucose and fructose when the agavin plants are cooked. Due to the conversion of agavins to ethanol, they don’t exist in their natural form as a part of the finished product *ahem* tequila.

Essentially, the basis of this study can be attributed to the results of experiments conducted on lab rats, where agavins were introduced to their diets and compared to diets of lab rats that weren’t given agavins.
The mice that had a diet of agavins showed overall weight loss, a decrease in blood glucose levels and a lower feeding frequency.

Good old lab rats… always taking one for the team.



Taken From:

 “Tequila plant is possible sweetener for diabetics – helps reduce blood sugar, weight”, by: the American Chemical Society, Phys.org, date posted: 16th March, 2014, date extracted: 7th April, 2014, URL: http://phys.org/news/2014-03-tequila-sweetener-diabeticshelps-blood-sugar.html

Contributors: Thalia, Roi (editor)




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  1. won’t even lie, that is REALLY cool….you don’t even need to have diabetes, need to loose some weight? Here, have some agavins! *drools* ahhh science..!!

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